A Living Invitation to His Will Alone

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I was being coached the other day, and my coach asked me a pregnant question about the subject of my new book, His Will Alone. He asked: What is God’s dream for this book? I was floored and flummoxed by the weight of these words. Part of me wanted to tear up at the poignance of those words. With these few words, I was called to articulate the design of this book. What was God’s Will with His Will Alone?

As I reflected, I saw that this book was written as God’s invitation to enter into the best expression of life—His Will Alone. So often, as fallen children of God, we can believe that God’s Will is the most difficult, awful alternative. Essentially, if God is asking, it will be the most significant struggle known to man. It’s funny how the enemy has twisted these thoughts in our heads and how readily I have jumped in to believe it. But my experience of God’s Will is actually quite the opposite.

Will of God

Will of God
While I have never been promised that the Will of God was the easiest path, being the least painful route, my experience is that it is for my best and will lead me to His Best. The Will of God is ALWAYS the best, whether I choose it or not. And here is what my book does: it engages you to receive and embrace the invitation and enter into the discovery of His perfect Will. When these books go out, they go out with an RSVP. Will you come out and play with Me in My Will?

It seems almost obscene to think of God’s Will as an opportunity to play, but it is my witness that the Will of God is always an invitation to greater union and deeper relationship. Our lives are a constant invitation to connect with Christ. Our paths continually present occasions to enter into life with Him. The pages of His Will Alone actually point the way to experiencing the masterpiece called our Life and destiny in Him.

Invitation to His Will Alone

Invitation to His Will Alone
Within the pages of this book, there is a deep longing of our Beloved to step into the trustful surrender with Him. As I wrote this book, I could feel the excitement of our Heavenly Father for His children to enter His Best—His Will Alone. With joy, He longs for us to tangibly experience His design and desire and to come into the beauty of our relationship with His Spirit. I never thought this book would carry such a message, but it does.

His Will Alone frees us from the chaos of figuring it out independently by carving out a path of purpose. This book entreats and woos us to take hold of the invite and receive the artistry of His Will Alone. Finally, we can express the satisfaction and fulfillment of living our best life. His Will Alone is a thought-provoking book with a relatable narrative and biblical wisdom navigating the challenges of accepting and embracing God’s Will in our lives.     

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