Breaking the Chains of Shame: Discovering Wholeness

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I wanted to continue to delve into the topic of shame. As I’ve been working on my book about overcoming shame, I’ve become increasingly fascinated by the subject. The power to overcome and ultimately destroy shame is truly remarkable. It’s a beautiful journey that leads to freedom from shame’s devastation, and isolation. Let’s dive into the captivating realm of overcoming shame.

The Deafening and Silencing Effect of Shame

Shame can make us both deaf and mute. You might wonder, “How can shame have such an impact?” Well, shame has the insidious ability to trap us in a self-imposed echo chamber of fear, making us believe that if we expose our shame, we’ll be disconnected and found out. It’s as if shame builds an impenetrable wall around us, isolating us from the world and leaving us voiceless.

Whatever the source of our shame may be, we tend to guard it closely, fearing that revealing it to anyone will lead to our downfall. We hold onto this shame as if it’s a protective shield. However, what I’ve learned over time is that approaching our own shame with curiosity and compassion can pave the way to discovering a path to wholeness.

My Personal Journey from Shame to Wholeness

My Personal Journey from Shame to Wholeness
I want to share with you that I’ve personally experienced profound shame in my life. There were moments when shame felt crippling, almost insurmountable. But here’s the incredible part: the Lord intervened and began a transformative work in me, crushing and ultimately eliminating that shame. As a result, I’ve been enriched beyond measure. I’ve emerged from the prison of shame in certain areas of my life, and the difference is like night and day.

Now, let me clarify that I’m not suggesting I’ve completely eradicated all shame from my life. Shame is an inherent aspect of the human condition. It’s something we grapple with because of our fallen nature. We’re ashamed of our nakedness, our exposure, our sins, and our circumstances. The struggle with shame is a regular part of our lives.

However, I firmly believe that the Lord desires to break the shackles of shame. Why? Because shame not only separates us from ourselves and others but can also create a false sense of separation from God. It’s akin to the story of Adam and Eve, who, after partaking in the forbidden fruit, felt shame and covered themselves. They isolated themselves with their makeshift garments, becoming deaf and mute until God asked them, “Who told you that you were naked?”

A Call for Your Support

Breaking the Chains of Shame
I’m sharing all of this because I genuinely want this message to be powerful. I’m asking for your prayers because I want it to have a profound impact. While it might not eliminate all shame, I believe it can resonate with the possibility of freedom and wholeness. I’m truly excited about this journey and its potential to touch lives.

I want to thank all of you for following and engaging with me on this exploration of shame and healing. Your prayers, input, and connections mean the world to me. Many of you have reached out to share your own stories of shame, which I look to include in the book. I absolutely cherish these moments of sharing. So, thank you for your support and love.


In conclusion, let’s remember that shame has the power to isolate us, trap us, and silence us. But with curiosity and compassion, we can begin to dismantle the walls it builds around us and find a path towards wholeness. Together, we can overcome shame and experience the freedom overcoming brings.

Thank you for joining me on this journey from shame to wholeness. I’ll be back soon with more insights and stories to share.

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