Giving All I am to the Great I AM

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Giving All I am to the Great I AM

Like the widow with the two mites I bring my gift to God, giving all I am to the Great I AM.

So many of us feel that we have nothing to offer others, much less God. And even those who know they have legit talents to give, sometimes feel incapable of exercising them. I could be as talented as Leonardo da Vinci, but unless I bring those talents to the table, they are simply buried.

This so relates to the thought: The Great I AM looks for me to give all that I am. The amazing part of this is that the Father is not looking for my achievement but rather my surrender to His performance. But I still have to show up as present in the moment.

Think about the widow woman with the two mites she offered. God saw that she gave more than all of the others who gave out of their surplus. She presented the King with everything she had, and that offering brought Him great pleasure and honor. Was this so she would have nothing and He would have everything? Of course not, it was transactional. She presented her ALL and received His everything.

Giving All I am

Giving All I am
Today, I realize that this is a call for each of us. Come to the table, present your everything, and He will be your everything. Such an amazing deal! The sooner I realize that I’m incapable of anything but presenting what has been given, the sooner I will enter into His divine extravagance. Just as with the widow’s mites, our presenting Him with what He has given us opens the door for His amazing provision and revealing.

This is exactly what I am intending on doing over at DivineDesigned.Life. My heart is to come to the table with men, holding space for the Holy Spirit to move and reveal what has been given. This is simply who He wants to be in us.

As we connect with our Divine Designer and enter into our divine design and spiritual DNA, we can witness His using our talents, giftings, and desires for His purpose and glory. Presenting the Great I AM with all that I am is to experience our actual divine destiny.

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