Living Beyond Shame: Naked and Unashamed

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Shame is a relentless presence that often haunts the human experience, casting a long shadow over our lives. But what if we could break free from the suffocating grip of shame and step into a realm where vulnerability is not a source of deep discomfort but a path to divine liberation? I want to explore the profound concept of living “Naked and Unashamed,” finding inspiration in the biblical narrative of Adam and Eve and discovering the transformative power of surrendering to God’s Will and ways.

The Fall: When Shame Crept In

The Fall: When Shame Crept In
In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve enjoyed a unique existence. They were naked and unashamed, not merely in the conventional sense of clothing but in their internal state. Their nakedness was not a source of shame but a symbol of their profound vulnerability before God. Their covering was not garments but the radiant thoughts and Light of God.

Only when Adam and Eve chose to know apart from God, succumbing to the allure of independence, shame entered their lives. Their hiding was not about concealing their physical forms but a response to the internal shame that originated from their choice. This revelation is a poignant reminder that shame often arises from our disconnection from Jesus, not our external appearance.

This thought paints a captivating vision of heaven, where I believe we will not be robed in white angel’s garb but adorned with God’s thoughts and radiant glory. This heavenly attire symbolizes a return to the original state of being naked and unashamed, where we are completely covered by Christ’s glory and essence.

Living Naked and Unashamed Today

While walking around in literal nudity is not practical, we can embrace the reality of living naked and unashamed today. This requires a deep surrender to God’s thoughts and ways, allowing them to be our clothing and shield against shame. This is a call to walk in open-hearted vulnerability with our Heavenly Father.

Shame is not merely a fleeting emotion but a relentless force permeating every aspect of our lives. It distorts our interactions, diminishes our influence, and often compels others to respond to our shame rather than our true selves. Shame is a “deadly cancer” that stifles our lives.

In “Naked and Unashamed,” Episode #854, there lies a powerful message – that we can shed the heavy cloak of shame and choose to live in the glorious light of God’s mind and thoughts of us. Just as Adam and Eve existed before their fateful choice, we can embrace vulnerability, surrender, and freedom from the chains of shame.

Embrace Divine Vulnerability, Shed Shame

Embrace Divine Vulnerability, Shed Shame
As we seek a path to liberation, in my book on overcoming shame, I am looking to share real stories and testimonies from individuals who have faced shame head-on. These narratives will be seamlessly woven into the manuscript, offering tangible examples of the process of shedding shame and stepping into a life of freedom.

I have taken on the profound work of writing a book to heal the wounded and offer a way out of shame’s darkness. I invite you to stand with me in prayer as I endeavor to expose shame and bring about transformation through the Spirit in the lives of those who have been burdened by it.

Stay tuned for more insightful episodes from DivineDesigned.Life as we journey together into the depths of spirituality and personal growth. Remember, the path to liberation begins with the courage to be naked and unashamed before our God.

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