Overcoming Shame and Embracing Divine Purpose

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I want to share something that has been on my mind – a challenge I’ve been wrestling with. I recently released my book “His Will Alone” while at the same time working on the book on overcoming shame. My dilemma was how to connect and integrate these two seemingly distinct messages. I didn’t want my audience to feel like they were on an abrupt detour when I transitioned from discussing shame to God’s Will. It was a perplexing issue, but as I prayed and sought guidance, a revelation came to me.

Unraveling the Connection: Shame as a Crucible

Shame as a Crucible
As I delved deeper into the subject of overcoming shame, it seemed like every time I touched upon it, life threw some kind of shaming experience my way. It felt like a never-ending cycle of distractions. I questioned whether these situations were orchestrated by the enemy or part of God’s plan. I grappled with anxiety, fear, and shame, all pressing heavily on my heart and mind.

However, in the midst of my struggles, a profound realization emerged – these challenges were the work of God’s Will. Can God use negative situations and the enemy’s tactics to accomplish His purpose? Absolutely! In fact, I understood that He was using these shameful situations as a refiner’s fire to enhance the anointing of the message and infuse it with greater power.

This particular aspect of shame was something I had not fully engaged with before. It was as if God was molding me through this experience, ensuring that I not only understood shame intellectually but had lived through it. He wanted me to have the anointing, the life experience, and the power to communicate the message effectively because I had endured it myself. It wasn’t an enjoyable process, but I found peace in knowing that God was using these situations to develop something within me.

The Beauty in God’s Will

The Beauty in God's Will
Through this journey, I began to see the beauty in God’s Will. His Will serves His children by expressing the Life of Christ to the world. Even when we face His Will in difficult and shameful circumstances, it brings forth the glory of God. This revelation made me realize that I needed to celebrate His divine purpose, even in the midst of challenges.

As I release “His Will Alone” and continue working on “Overcoming Shame” I hope to share these revelations and stories with you, glorifying God and dismantling the stronghold of shame. Shame may have held us bound for years, but it is a force that can be defeated and overcome. Your prayers and support are greatly appreciated as I strive to empower others in their journey towards liberation from shame.

Stay tuned for more insights on discovering God’s Will in shame, as we continue to explore and uncover the incredible offerings the Lord has in store for us.

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