Sovereign Everlasting Boundary

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Sovereign Everlasting Boundary

I, the Lord, define the ocean’s sandy shoreline as an everlasting boundary that the waters cannot cross. The waves may toss and roar, but they can never pass the boundaries I set.
Jeremiah 5:22

Does this scripture only refer to the coast? Is it isolated to beaches and sandy shores? I think not. I believe this scripture has far reaching ramifications. It is more a statement of His divine sovereign nature and Lordship than just natural borders. Our Lord is God of ALL not just nature.

Life’s Boundary

Life's Boundary
Quite often we can feel overwhelmed with life. Like life is just too much to handle. And when we consider the sovereignty of God, we can question whether He is actually sovereign over all. I know logically that He is Lord over all, but emotionally it can feel like the world is winning. Have you ever had this feeling? I know I have.

So my question is, do I simply have to endure life’s chaos and crises until glory? Is it my sole job to attempt to stomach the crashing waves of humanity against my faith? No, I don’t believe this is the way to victory. We aren’t called to passively grit our teeth until we are taken home. But doesn’t it often feel this way? It has for me. Whether it is in the political, financial or cultural realms of man, the schemes of man can feel positionally larger in my eyes. I often feel more tossed than led.

The Lord of ALL declares that He is King. He is above and over all from little despot’s tirades to deep seated corrupt financial systems. No one and nothing is beyond the reach of God’s sovereign hand. And as it says in Jeremiah 5, the borders are firmly fix by Him not man. But is it my duty to simply stand while the waves crash? Again, I believe NO! We don’t get to slouch passively in our reign and rule for His Kingdom. The ambassador life is an active life.

Sovereign God Sets Up the Boundary

Sovereign God Sets Up the Boundary
With all the turmoil in our world, who exactly gets to frame the narrative of our lives and world? I know it is NOT man. No matter how blustery he appears, God is God not man. And as His representative I stand to proclaim His edicts and direct the course of humanity. This is an active roll–offensive not simply defensive. I am not catching up, I am to lead out.

I heard a sermon this past weekend that said, we are entering a season of hand to hand combat. It was a call that we will need to be completely reliant on the Holy Spirit. He also affirmed that we must live as ones well trained and well disciplined. Many of us have been prepared to take an active roll and make an impact on our world. As we enter this end of the age season, we don’t have to just let humanity bludgeon us, rather we look to impact and influence it. I know this out prayers with our Father has more power to influence society than any backdoor scheming of man.

While I am called to endurance and perseverance, I don’t do this passively like driftwood on the waters or the sands on the shore. I make an active stance with the King of heaven and earth. Nothing goes beyond His bounds. We all are secure in Christ, the Author and Finisher of our faith.

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