The Sacrament of the Present Moment

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The Sacrament of the Present Moment

I have been writing in the last few posts about living in the present moment. For me it is vital and crucial. It is the difference between living in joy and victory or depression and defeat. I so strongly believe this, as I have seen it evident in my life as well as in the lives of those around me. The present moment is the point of contact where my life, Christ’s Life, and God’s Will can merge and make living miracles.

Today’s post is a little different. After I wrote the past few posts I came across an online course and in it was a section on the present moment. I believe this guy had to have read The Sacrament of the Present Moment by de Caussade. But as I listened I took notes. And below is a mix of my revelation and thoughts on what is communicated in this course. It’s like a deejay’s mix set. I combined it all to communicate to you the amazing wonder of the moment. I hope you enjoy it.

Dwelling out of the Present Moment

Dwelling out of the Present Moment
Most of our problems come when we dwell outside of the present moment. These problems are from worrying about the future or dreading the past, each of which are actually not real in our NOW moment. Only in the moment do we have the grace for our solutions. This is the gift of God. He gives us our answers to our problems only in the moment. All our unhappiness is caused by denying or resisting our present moment. It is a conscious effort to not dwell in the past or the future. Most live 95% of their day in the past or in the future but not in the moment. But we can only experience joy in the moment. Everything other than the present moment is an illusion.

I was born in the moment and I will die in the moment and all of life has to be lived in the moment. Think about it. What problem do you have right now – not tomorrow or in five minutes? We never have a problem in the moment because when we have an issue, we take action to solve it, so we never actually have a problem.

If we are continually thinking about the future, we are wasting the present moment. Don’t let a belief in the future cause unhappiness in the present. You cannot receive correct answers unless you are in the present moment.

Our life is found in our present moment. When we are living in our past, we are in a different time zone than our actual life. Our intuition only works in the present moment. In the moment is our only point of power. People in the moment have abundant energy, continually. People living in the present moment aren’t sick or unhealthy. You can only create in the present moment. God gives you all the answers for your life in the moment. When we try to create out of the past or the future, we drain vital energy from our body, mind, and spirit.

Reflecting in the Moment

Reflecting in the MomentI have gone back and read these notes multiple times. And it is reverberating in me. I do see that we don’t have actual problems in our present moment because if an issue arises, I have the grace and the solution to deal with it. This is as opposed to focusing my energies on the past or future, which I have no power to change. Life is too short to not live in the NOW. My current challenge is to experience the moment as God lays it out and not fret, fear, or freak out about what I have no control over.

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