The Courage and Curiosity in Shame

Delve into the profound journey of confronting shame with curiosity, courage, and compassion it takes to embrace empathy and connection. John shares how empathy is not just understanding another’s pain but actively engaging in their heart with curiosity and compassion, and how this process involves facing our own pain and shame. The episode emphasizes the power of empathy in breaking free from shame’s isolating grasp and encourages listeners to support John’s journey as he helps others on their path to healing. It’s a heartfelt exploration of the transformative potential of empathy in overcoming shame.

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  1. John, praise God for His refining fire in you.

    As I read your book, I heard the message of very, very, deep waters and a calling up of God’s desires of and for our hearts. (For God’s Will Alone and All for His Glory.)

    Today as I heard your heart, I will do as you’ve requested and pray for you in this process just as it speaks of In Proverbs 25:1-10.

    God loves you, Keep doing Good.

    Continue drawing nearer to God, He is drawing nearer to you.



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